Parting Thoughts…

Seasonal Sunset

As some “track junkies” will already have heard, my last day working at Le Circuit Quyon was Wednesday Oct 9 (2013) and I’m heading back into the Hi-Tech world from whence I came. I’ve really enjoyed the two seasons I spent at the track, and I wanted to take a moment to thank Paul in particular, as well as Cathy, Charlotte, William and all the rest of you who made my time out there so enjoyable.

Sure, there were occasions when it didn’t seem like quite so much fun: Paul and I unloading the new steel building in 40+ conditions last summer, checking 40 odd tires each day, running from one end of the track to the other for spins, having people crash after the checkered flag… that sort of thing. In the end though, people always seemed to go away happy, and that turns out to make the tough bits easier to take.

I’ll miss the excitement of the Fast Lane races (the rain races were particularly spectacular, “Wizards of the Wet” in action!) and hope that maybe I’ll get a chance to see the group again next season, perhaps as a racer this time rather than an official (hint, hint).

And what can I say about the folks “Under the Tent” on race day, both this season and last, other than they are keen karters, great competitors, and a first-rate group of people; before, during and after the races – Best of luck to all of Team LCQ in the 2014 season.

While I won’t be working at the track next year, I’ll still be involved with the Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club and club racing events (again, hopefully as a participant instead just as an official) so I hope you all have a good winter and I look forward to seeing many familiar faces next spring.

I know Paul and Cathy have already started planning for next season and that there are improvements in the works. I don’t want to scoop them on any of that though, so instead I’ll just say that I’m sure that next season will be even better than this one – for both Rental customers and Racers alike!

Some Photos from 2012/2013
Inland Sea, Spring 2012
Inland Sea, Spring 2012
After Drainage, Spring 2012
And after drainage, Spring 2012
Digging the "Bowl", Spring 2012
Digging the “Bowl”, Spring 2012
First half of new Back Straight takes shape
New Back Straight, Spring 2012
New shop/storage under construction
Under Construction, 2012
Kat in Hat, Summer 2012
Kat in Hat, Summer 2012
Fall Colours, 2012
Fall Colours, 2012
More Colours, Fall 2012
Outdoor & Sportsman Show, 2013
Outdoor & Sportsman Show, Spring 2013
Jardin Éducatif du Pontiac
Jardin Éducatif du Pontiac, Summer 2013
Hot Pits, Summer 2013
Hot Pits!, Summer 2013
DIY Karting, Summer 2013
DIY Karting, Summer 2013
Big Sky Country, Summer 2013
Big Sky Country, Summer 2013
Rainbow Country Too, Summer 2013
Rainbow Country Too, Summer 2013
Kart Fleet - Fall 2013
The LCQ Rental Fleet, Fall 2013

See You Next Season!


One thought on “Parting Thoughts…”

  1. I wanted to thank Terry for all of his work and devotion he contributed to Le Circuit Quyon’s success to date. The best way I can describe Terry is that he is a TRUE GENTLEMEN. Thank you for all your efforts, good luck in your new adventure and see you ON the track.

    Charlotte, William, Catherine and Paul


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