Race Report: Race #1 – OGKC Summer Superpole Series

(Quyon, QC) What a start to the Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship’s (OGKC) Summer Superpole Series! The three-race series is being held exclusively on Saturdays – June 17, June 24, and July 8. The first Superpole Series race was also Race #4 of the OGKC championship for those battling for the overall season Crown. The weather was great, with temperatures hovering around 27C with the rain holding off for the majority of the race day; however, some sporadic showers made for some seriously challenging and entertaining races.

Superpole is a timed event commonly used in superbike racing to establish the starting grid for the top qualifiers in each category. In the OGKC Superpole Series, the superpole session enables the top three qualifiers to complete one flying solo lap to set their best times – potentially re-gridding the top three for the race sessions.

Over 20 racers participated in the event in five different categories: Novice, Junior, Senior, and Masters Briggs & Stratton (B&S), as well as the rental series. The 2017 edition of the OGKC series is also part of the B&S Weekly Racing Series (BriggsWRS), a track-based series enabling Junior, Senior, and Masters competitors to race head-to-head for the BriggsWRS regional crown. Racers are required to participate in eight (8) races at the same BriggsWRS-affiliated track/club, with the top seven (7) results counted toward the overall championship. For more information on the BriggsWRS, please click here.

The feature race podium results were as follows.


1. Connor Bell
2. Linkin Stevens
3. Brayden Goshen

It was great to see these three awesome Novice racers fighting for the win. Connor put on a clinic, and was able to stretch out a sizable lead over his two competitors. Connor performed extremely well, and was able to pass several Junior competitors who were racing at the same time in a staggered-race format. Linkin Stevens, from the Lombardy Karting Association, did an equally great job to finish in second. Brayden, in his first run this year in his new Margay Racing kart, placed third. Great job by all three racers and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the next Superpole Series race!


1. Zachary Vanier
2. Ethan Bell
3. Zander Stevens

Zachary Vanier, reigning Canadian Junior B&S Champion and regular racer at Sudbury Kartways, made a special guest appearance at Le Circuit Quyon and raced an incredible final. After qualifying almost two seconds ahead of his nearest rival, Zachary raced brilliantly to win on his first visit to the track. Ethan Bell placed a strong second, while Zander Stevens, winner of the 2017 OGKC Spring Spring Series, came home in third position. It was an awesome race to watch, and we look forward to seeing more Juniors at the next round.


1. Charlotte Lalonde
2. Shane Findlay
3. Vincent Lamothe

Multi-year OGKC Senior Champion Charlotte Lalonde demonstrated her amazing racing skills once again by winning Race #1 of the Superpole Series. Charlotte claimed first place in qualifying by over four tenths of a second, and extended that gap to six tenths of a second in the first OGKC superpole format. Second place in the Final went to Shane Findlay of the Lombardy Karting Association. Shane had a fierce battle with Vincent Lamothe, with the two racers trading paint on a number of occasions over the last several laps. At the end of the race, Shane was able to maintain his second place by just over a kart length from Vincent. This was a very competitive field and saw a lot of close racing throughout the day. Honourable mention to Jamie Hynes, who had an excellent qualifying session as well as a great overall race day. She’s getting faster and faster, and will become a regular podium finisher in the near future.


1. Darren Mallette
2. James Dunn
3. Mike Forget

Darren Mallette celebrated his second win in an OGKC Final event, and proved to be unpassable today out on the track. Darren had another great weekend at Le Circuit Quyon. The first qualifying session saw Mike Forget in first, Darren in second, with James Dunn rounding out the top three; however, the superpole session resulted in a complete re-gridding of the top three, with Darren taking the top qualifying position, James Dunn taking second, with Mike ending up back in third. The race was fantastic, and included both dry and wet conditions. Darren was able to maintain his lead in some seriously challenging conditions, and kept James Dunn and reigning OGKC Masters Champion Mike Forget behind him to take the overall victory. Darren has come a long way this year, and has now taken two races in a row – great job.

Rental Kart Challenge

1. Guy Bélisle
2. Michèle-Ann Sauvé
3. Zachary Vanier

Guy Bélisle, who placed third in last year’s OGKC Rental Kart Series, had a great race taking his first victory since September 2016. He was able to stretch out a significant lead over the following pack, with Michèle-Ann Sauvé following up in second place. Zachary Vanier used the rental kart race to learn the track and get used to the variety of corners and straights offered by Le Circuit Quyon, in preparation for the Junior series races.

Congratulations to all of the racers that made the podium, and a big thank you to everyone that participated in Race #1 of the 2017 OGKC Summer Superpole Series, as well as the participants in the Rental Kart Challenge. Great job everyone! The points for the series can be viewed here.

Special thanks to special guest Race Director Jamie Bolton, the track marshals, the great support staff at Le Circuit Quyon, and First Aid personnel for working through the day to ensure racer safety during the event.

Race #2 of the OGKC’s  Summer Superpole Saturday Series is scheduled for Saturday, June 24. It will also be Race #3 of the OGKC Rental Kart Challenge, weather permitting. Please click here for more information on the rental series.

See you on Saturday!


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