Race Report: Race #3 of the OGKC Spring Sprint Series

(Quyon, QC) What a great day for racing! Hot and sunny in Monaco, Indianapolis, and Quyon – the three cities that host the events that make up the (unofficial) triple crown of motorsports! Twenty racers participated in Race #3 of the OGKC Spring Sprint Series and Race #1 of the Rental Kart Challenge. Races were held in three different categories: Senior Briggs & Stratton, Masters Briggs & Stratton, and the rental series. For a class race to be official, there must be a minimum of three participants.

The 2017 edition of the OGKC series is also part of the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series (BriggsWRS), a track-based series enabling Junior, Senior, and Masters competitors to race head-to-head for the BriggsWRS regional crown. Racers are required to participate in eight (8) races at the same BriggsWRS-affiliated track/club, with the top seven (7) results counted toward the overall championship. For more information on the BriggsWRS, please click here.

The feature race podium results were as follows:


1. Charlotte Lalonde
2. Paul Hoffman
3. Jamie Hynes

This race did not disappoint! It was very exciting to see resident hot-shoe Charlotte Lalonde being chased down by both Paul Hoffman and Jamie Hynes in their Margay chassis. Charlotte led the race from the green flag to the chequered; however, both Paul and Jamie were incredibly fast and will definitely be threatening Charlotte for the top step of the podium over the 2017 season. This was the first race that both Paul and Jamie demonstrated really amazing speed, and clearly served notice to Charlotte that her reign as the queen of the track may be coming to an end – awesome racing by the top three!


1. Darren Mallette
2. Mike Forget
3. Brian McCracken

Darren Mallette celebrated his first win in an OGKC Final event, and proved to be unpassable today out on the track. Darren’s weekend didn’t start off that well, with his kart suffering from mechanical gremlins and brake issues; however, when it counted, Darren rose to the challenge and fended off several pass attempts by reigning OGKC Masters Champion Mike Forget and resident Barrovian Brian McCracken to win the race by four-tenths of a second. Brian has also shown incredible speed as of late, qualifying in second position for the race and also celebrating his second podium of the year. Great job Masters!

Rental Kart Challenge

1. Michèle-Ann Sauvé
2. Guy Bélisle
3. Peter Dunn

Michèle-Ann Sauvé, who placed second in last year’s OGKC Rental Kart Series, started off her 2017 campaign with a bang by winning the first rental race of the year. She was able to stretch out a significant lead over the following pack, with Guy Bélisle and Peter Dunn trading positions several times over the entire 15-minute duration of the race. Guy was able to eek over the finish line in second position, only one kart-length ahead of Peter. Honourable mention goes to Rick Hynes, who proved very challenging to pass and finished the race in fourth.

Congratulations to all of the racers that made the podium, and a big thank you to everyone that participated in Race #3 of the 2017 OGKC Spring Sprint Series, as well as the participants in the Rental Kart Challenge. Great job everyone! The points for the series can be viewed here. Congratulations to the Spring Sprint Series overall class champions:

Junior: Zander Stevens
Senior: Charlotte Lalonde
Masters: Mike Forget

Special thanks to special guest Race Director James Dunn, the track marshals, the great support staff at Le Circuit Quyon, and First Aid personnel for working through the day to ensure racer safety during the event.

Race #1 of the OGKC’s  Summer Superpole Saturday Series is scheduled for Saturday, June 17. It will also be Race #2 of the OGKC Rental Kart Challenge, weather permitting. Please click here for more information on the rental series.

See you in June!


Race Report – Races #1 and #2 of the 2017 OGKC Spring Sprint Series

(Quyon, QC) What a time we’ve been having lately in Canada’s Capital Area – several communities in both Ottawa and Gatineau have been hit hard by record amounts of rainfall during late April and early May. This affected the first race of the year (originally scheduled for Sunday, May 7), with the event being postponed until Saturday, May 13. Races #1 and #2 of the OGKC’s Spring Sprint Series were run together as a doubleheader – that’s a lot of racing for one day!

As luck would have it, and as predicted by the weatherman, we had another rainy day on Saturday; however, it was actually a moderately warm day with very light rain for the majority of the time. Participants were racing on a damp to wet track with little in the way of rainfall – for you F1 fans out there, it would have been a great day for ‘intermediates’.

Fifteen racers registered for Races #1 and #2, persevering through the inclement conditions to challenge for the top step of the podium in three different classes: Junior Briggs & Stratton, Senior Briggs & Stratton, and Masters Briggs & Stratton. For a class race to be official, there must be a minimum of three participants. The OGKC Rental-kart Challenge was not held due to the wet track conditions.

The 2017 edition of the OGKC series is also part of the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series (BriggsWRS), a track-based series enabling Junior, Senior, and Masters competitors to race head-to-head for the BriggsWRS regional crown. Racers are required to participate in eight (8) races at the same BriggsWRS-affiliated track/club, with the top seven (7) results counted toward the overall championship. For more information on the BriggsWRS, please visit the BriggsWRS site.

The feature race podium results were as follows:

Junior Races 1 & 2

  1. Zander Stevens
  2. Connor Bell
  3. Ethan Bell

This race did not disappoint! Zander Stevens, racing at Le Circuit Quyon for his first time, did an excellent job in the tricky conditions to capture first place in both Race #1 and #2 of the Junior category. By the end of the second race, his hands were pretty sore from the challenging “Intermediate Circuit”, which includes some tricky mid-to-high-speed corners as well as a variety of track elevation changes. Connor Bell, who placed second in the 2015 overall OGKC Novice Championship, showed his continuing mastery behind the wheel by finishing in second place in both Final #1 and #2. Connor’s brother Ethan, who was the 2015 OGKC Novice Champion, rounded out the top three in style – it was great to watch the close racing. Hopefully this rivalry will continue into the summer!

Novice Races 1 & 2

  1. Linkin Stevens
  2. Samuel Spurling

Linkin Stevens and Samuel Spurling had a fun time in the challenging conditions. Once you can master racing in the rain, racing on a dry track becomes that much easier. The Novices ran on the track at the same time as the Juniors, and were demonstrating to the crowd that they can definitely stay close to the Juniors on a rainy day – great job Novices!

Senior Race #1

  1. Charlotte Lalonde
  2. Paul Hoffman
  3. Jason Chen

Last year’s reigning champion, Charlotte Lalonde, won both Race #1 and #2, and had leads of over half a lap by the end of both events. She again demonstrated a mastery for the track, putting her Margay at the front of the field. The chasing pack was much closer together, with Paul Hoffman putting in fast lap after fast lap (and avoiding spins) to bring his Margay home in second in Race #1. Jason Chen, driving a CRG for this race, finished a strong third place.

Senior Race #2

  1. Charlotte Lalonde
  2. Phil Stang
  3. Paul Hoffman

Charlotte Lalonde was once again victorious in the Senior category. Phil Stang had a strong and clean race to bring his kart home in a solid second position. This is Phil’s best finish so far in the Senior category, and in inclement conditions – well done Phil! Rounding out the top three is up-and-coming racer Paul Hoffman, finishing the day with a second and a third in the two Finals.  It was great to see such a well-fought and entertaining event – great work Seniors!

Masters Race #1

  1. Brian McCracken
  2. Crawford Kilpatrick
  3. Mike Forget

What a fantastic race for Barrovian Brian McCracken – this is Brian’s first victory in an OGKC race final and it was very well deserved indeed. Brian showed up to the party late, almost missing the event, but managed to set up his CRG just in time to hit the track and take the win. He drove a smooth and calm race in the rain to eek out the win over Crawford Kilpatrick. Track expert and 2016 OGKC Masters Champion Mike Forget, a regular on the podium at Le Circuit Quyon, placed a strong third after some contact in the pack.

Masters Race #2

  1. Mike Forget
  2. Crawford Kilpatrick
  3. Darren Mallette

Mike Forget returned to the top step of the podium for Race #2, taking the win in style. Mike led for most of the race, and demonstrated his mighty racecraft in the wet conditions. On the final lap of the race, Crawford Kilpatrick managed to steal second place from Darren Mallette with a daring inside pass down the final hill before the finish line. Darren made a minor error around the hairpin, which resulted in a side-by-side drag race with Crawford down the hill. It was a very close race, with multiple spins and off track excursions – but no major damage and no injuries.

Congratulations to all of the racers that made the podium, and a big thank you to everyone that participated in Races #1 and #2 of the 2017 OGKC Spring Sprint Series. Great job everyone! With only one race left in the three-race series, who will be the winners? The points for the series can be viewed here.

Special thanks to Race Director Jason Bolton, the track marshals, the great support staff at Le Circuit Quyon, and First Aid personnel for working through the day in the rainy weather to ensure racer safety during the event.

Round #3 of the OGKC’s Spring Sprint Series is scheduled for Sunday, May 28. It will also be Race #1 of the OGKC Rental-kart Challenge, weather permitting. Please click here for more information on the rental series.

See you in two weeks!

On-line Membership Now Available!


You can now apply for your 2017 Le Circuit Quyon Kart Club membership on-line!

If you’re tired of paper forms and are already itching for the beginning of the 2017 race season, you can get a head start on the competition by heading over to our on-line membership application page and getting your 2017 club membership early.

We will also be providing on-line event registration prior to each race. Of course, we’ll still be accepting paper registrations at the track, but you’ll be able to save yourself some money, time, and effort on race weekends by taking advantage of this service! Every time that you register online for an Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship (OGKC) event, your name will be entered into a draw for a great prize to be awarded at the 2017 end-of-year banquet.

Our on-line registration services are provided by Karelo.com, a trusted Canadian provider who is fully equipped to provide secure credit-card payment processing.

See you at the track!


2017 OGKC Rental Kart Challenge

(Quyon, QC) The 2017 OGKC Rental Kart Challenge at Le Circuit Quyon will enter its third year, with events occurring during OGKC race days. Race dates are identified on the 2017 OGKC schedule, which can be viewed here.

The rental kart category is open to those racers that aren’t quite ready to make the leap to race karts, but still want to compete in the big show! For $60/event, racers will compete for victory head to head against other aspiring kart racers! The format will be a five-minute practice, 10-minute qualification, and 15-minute race using LCQ’s fleet of rental karts. Points will be distributed according to the Formula One points structure, and rental kart racers will be invited to the end-of-year banquet with the top three finishers receiving series trophies!

The overall winner of the championship will receive a special prize to be announced at the end of the season – exciting!!! Please share this with any other racers you know that are looking to participate in the OGKC’s on-track activities! Participants must be at least 12 years old and over 55 inches (1.4m) tall!

For more information, please contact Paul Lalonde at paul@lecircuitquyon.com.

See you at the track!



New for 2017 – Margay Ignite Series by Le Circuit Quyon

(Quyon, QC) Le Circuit Quyon (LCQ) and Margay Racing are pleased to present the Margay Ignite Series, which will be run as an “arrive and drive” category in the 2017 edition of the Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship (OGKC). As previously communicated, the 2017 race schedule has been released and the Ignite Series races will be run as a regular class during the OGKC events. The 2017 series is split into three three-race miniseries – the Spring Sprint Series, Summer Superpole Saturdays, and the Fall Enduro-Fest.

The Ignite program offers affordable entry into karting in an environment with a level playing field for all. This category is for competitors that don’t have their own karts, but would like to participate in competitive kart racing. Maximize track time and minimize maintenance and costs as you constantly improve your racing skills in an ultra-competitive environment. Factory-sealed engines from Briggs & Stratton Racing and a chassis developed by industry-leader Margay Racing combine to provide a platform where the emphasis is solidly on driver development.

Arrive & drive packages will be available from $189 per race (base package is self-tuning), making this program one of the most affordable ways to get into karting. For the enthusiast that wants to maintain their equipment themselves, race-ready Ignite packages will be available for purchase for $4,995.00


For more information about Le Circuit Quyon, the OGKC, and the Margay Ignite Spec Series, please contact Paul Lalonde at (613) 223-2541.

Race Report – 2016 Le Circuit Quyon Invitational Enduro

(Quyon, QC) Le Circuit Quyon (LCQ) held its annual end-of-year enduro on Sunday, October 2nd, and what a day it was! There was rain overnight and drizzle in the early morning; however, the racers were lucky that no significant rain fell during the entire event. In fact, the track was showing a clear dry line with approximately 20 minutes left in the Senior/Masters event. Everyone had a great time and raced their hearts out for the grand prize – the top step of the podium at the most physically demanding race of the year.

Twenty-four racers took to the track for top honours, with the Novice Briggs & Stratton race being a 30-minute enduro, the Junior Briggs & Stratton race was a 60-minute enduro, while the Senior/Masters Briggs & Stratton race was a 125-minute marathon. LCQ hosted racers from the Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship (OGKC),  the National Capital Kart Club (NCKC), the Lombardy Karting Association (LKA), as well as some kart racers who experienced their first laps of LCQ!

The Novice enduro was the first event of the day, and racers hit the track in full rain set-up. As noted earlier, the rain had become a light drizzle during the event, but the track was very wet from the rain overnight. Brayden Ghosen, who was participating in only his second kart race, put on a rain-race clinic and looked unbeatable out on track. He started off fast and extended his lead throughout the race – it was obvious that Brayden likes to race on a wet track! Coming in a strong second was another newcomer to kart racing – Jordan Latour. Given the challenging conditions, Jordan did a great job to keep his kart pointed in the right direction most of the time, and finished the half-hour race in a strong second position. In third position was Tomas Lamaire, who has done some indoor rental karting and is now venturing into race karting at outdoor venues. In fourth position was Samuel Spurling – who also had a strong race given the slippery track conditions. Congratulations to the Novice class for a very entertaining race, and we hope to see you all at OGKC events next year!


The Junior category was very hotly contested, with Paul Hoffman taking the lead early on in the 60-minute enduro. Vincent Lamothe was running in second, with Connor Bell in third. This was Connor’s second event at LCQ this year, and his first race in the Junior class. Paul and Vincent started this race like any other – extremely hard fighting right from the green flag! As the race progressed, the wet track conditions and the mandatory pitstop (with driver changes) mixed things up for the class. At the end of the 60-minutes, Vincent Lamothe claimed his third Enduro win in a row. Paul Hoffman and newcomer Sam Hurtebise claimed second position, ahead of Connor Bell. Great racing by the Junior category!


In the combined Senior/Masters Class, a field of ten karts took to the track to challenge for enduro-champion status. The on-track battles were fierce, with some teams competing like it was a 125 km sprint race. There were several off-track excursions, and numerous mechanical breakdowns that impacted some teams.

By the end of the race, Shane Findlay came out on top of the Senior category with a stellar victory. He was very fast and very consistent – a great combination ensuring he took top step of the Senior podium in his Birel. Colin Chapman, former head of Lotus in Formula One, once said that a perfectly designed car would fall apart as soon as the race was over. Shane’s kart was not far from it! Second place went to Henry Knox and his father Scott Knox in their Ricciardo Kart. Henry was very fast and has really demonstrated great driving since his graduation from the Junior category earlier this year. In third place, and in only his first year of kart racing, was Jason Chen. Jason was also fast and consistent, but couldn’t keep up to the hard-charging Findlay and the Knoxes.


In the Masters, the team of Yao Li and Rob Jefferies proved unbeatable on the full-track clockwise configuration of Le Circuit Quyon. Yao and Rob had a fast, clean, and consistent race enabling them to establish a gap over the very fast team of Sylvain Coulombe, Wayne Shimoon, and Bruno Coulombe. Sylvain and company were superfast in their TonyKart; however, the team had to make an extra pitstop which took them out of contention for first place. Coming in the third was Team Fast Lane, composed of Crawford Kilpatrick, Michèle-Ann Sauvé, and Ken Chan. The Fast Laners were hot on the trail of the second-place finishers, and also had to make an extra pitstop to correct a visor issue. Congratulations to all of the Seniors and Masters for making it such a great race!


LCQ would like to congratulate the 2016 enduro winners, and also give a big thanks to all of the volunteers, spectators, racers, and crew members for contributing to another great race day! A special thanks goes to St. John Ambulance personnel, who were present at LCQ to support all of the OGKC races this year.

LCQ is proud to be your circuit of choice in Canada’s Capital Region, and is eagerly anticipating the 2017 race season with the OGKC! Please continue to visit our website at http://www.lecircuitquyon.com, keep an eye on the OGKC and LCQ facebook pages, and follow us on Twitter @leCircuit_Quyon for more information about next season!

See you at the end-of-year banquet  – more details will be shared shortly!

Race Report – 2016 Season Finale

(Quyon, QC) What a finish to the 2016 Ottawa-Gatineau Karting Championship! Round #8 went off without a hitch, with 30 racers participating in our Briggs & Stratton Novice, Junior, Senior, and Masters categories including the final of the OGKC’s Rental Kart Championship. We couldn’t have asked for a better day – it started off warm and threatening rain in the morning; however, the rain stayed away and it made for a great day on the track.

The Novice category has been a quiet one this year, but we are working on trying to attract additional racers to this category next year.  At Race #8, Samuel Spurling had a great day staying at the top of the timesheets through both Heat races as well as the Final. Brayden Ghosen, who had his first kart race ever today, did a great job out on the track and took second place. Le Circuit Quyon, the home track of the OGKC, is looking at some options for next year that could bring the numbers up in this category. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting news!



  1. Samuel Spurling
  2. Brayden Ghosen

The Junior category was close close close and fast fast fast, with the Juniors racing on the track at the same time as the Seniors. It was great entertainment, to say the least! In the Final, Paul Hoffman had a fantastic drive in his Margay Brava, crossing the line over eight seconds ahead of his nearest competitor. Vincent Lamothe, also in his Margay, drove hard to take a really strong second place – enough for him to clinch the overall 2016 OGKC Junior Crown. Great job Vincent!



  1. Paul Hoffman
  2. Vincent Lamothe

The Senior category was extremely close for the second and third steps of the podium. Charlotte Lalonde had established an insurmountable ten-second lead in her Margay over the following pack, and finished off the year in style with another victory. Second place in Race #8 went to Shane Findley in his Birel from the Lombardy Kart Association, who was closely followed over the line by LCQ regular Henry Knox in his first year racing with a Ricciardo Kart.

With the Race #8 results tabulated, Charlotte Lalonde has been confirmed as the overall 2016 OGKC Senior category champion, with Henry Knox in second, and Jamie Hynes taking the third step of the podium. Congratulations Seniors!



  1. Charlotte Lalonde
  2. Shane Findley
  3. Henry Knox

The Masters category was a rough and tumble affair, with several drivers challenging hard for victory. James Dunn (Margay Racing), who has been strong all year, finished the year in style with a start-to-finish victory. For much of the race, James was closely pursued by Mike Forget; however, with only a few laps remaining, Mike was unable to get his kart to the finish line. Second place went to Crawford Kilpatrick in his Margay Brava. Third place went to Darren Mallette, celebrating his first podium of the year – better late than never Darren! With Race #8’s results calculated, Mike Forget has been confirmed as the 2016 OGKC Masters champion! James Dunn takes second overall, missing out on first by only nine points. Rounding out the top three overall is Crawford Kilpatrick. Great job Masters – next year is going to be a good one!



1. James Dunn
2. Crawford Kilpatrick
3. Darren Mallette

In the Rental Kart Challenge series, the racing was very competitive amongst the 10 participants. Guy Bélisle took the lead right from the start, and was hounded throughout the entire 15-minute race by Jason Chen. Michèle-Ann Sauvé took third position just a few seconds back from Jason, narrowly holding off Peter Dunn who had a great race to finish fourth. Jason Chen did just enough to clinch the overall rental kart championship, with Michèle-Ann taking second, followed closely by Guy Bélisle.


Rental Kart Challenge – Race #5

  1. Guy Bélisle
  2. Jason Chen
  3. Michèle-Ann Sauvé

The overall championship results can be viewed here.

Congratulations to all the racers on an incredible season! Seventy-six racers participated in one or more races in our five categories throughout the 2016 season. Karting is alive and well in Canada’s Capital Region – we are really looking forward to 2017!

Stay tuned for more information about the end-of-year enduro scheduled for Sunday, October 2nd. Everyone is invited to participate in this great event which will see teams composed of both experienced competition-kart racers and karting newbies competing for the overall endurance crown!

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