Race School

Do you want to:

  1. Improve your day-to-day driving skills?
  2. Seek and experience thrills?
  3. Learn how to race like the pros?
  4. Have fun?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we invite you to join us at the LCQ Karting Race School.

We limit each race school to between two and six individuals, providing a low student-instructor ratio.  We have designed our instruction method with a focus on the student, ensuring we provide a high quality and enjoyable learning experience. Our instructors give individual attention and feedback to students, ensuring every student masters each skill set.

We combine classroom and hands-on learning to give you the best practical approach to race kart driving.  Since our emphasis is on track time, each student receives a minimum of 90 minutes behind the wheel. You will learn new racing techniques in stages, so you won’t feel overwhelmed throughout your experience. At the end of the course, you will be able to put all of your new racing skills into practice.  You will have discussions and share experiences with your fellow student(s) as you develop a working knowledge of karting over approximately six hours.  At the completion of your racing school, you will have experienced a wide array of thrills racing wheel-to-wheel with your instructor and classmate(s) at speeds of up to 80 kph, as well as working on race strategy!

Regardless of your motivation, when you participate in a LCQ Karting Race School session, you will leave having experienced something truly memorable and valuable!


Each Karting Race School covers a number of racing techniques.  Here are some examples of what you will learn:

Driving Basics: This is an in-class session that provides an overall orientation and introduction to racing karts, as well as an overview of the racing flags and their meanings.

Lead-Follow with Instructor: You will drive at a slow, constant speed adapting to the nuances of the kart behind an instructor.  You will learn the proper race line, turn-in points, apexes, and exits of turns.

Kart Control: Experience the limits of the karts by driving into a curve faster than the tires can manage.  Learn how to countersteer to correct the “oversteer condition” created by excessive speed into a corner. Once control is obtained, you will use proper braking technique to stop the kart in order to receive individual feedback from an instructor.

Side-by-Side: You will drive closely with an instructor or a fellow student at a medium, constant speed to adapt to close racing while incorporating braking and acceleration techniques.

Fast Lead-Follow: You will drive at a medium-to-high speed as the instructor demonstrates the correct racing line. Supervised passing will be permitted on the straights.

Track Walk and Lunch: You will review the racing line from an out-of-kart track perspective and discuss the fine points of reading track surface, correct corner entry implications, and incorrect corner entry ramifications (LCQ provides lunch).

High Speed Sessions: These are longer, full speed (or the speed you are comfortable with) sessions.  Included are driver changes and individual practice sessions.  Instructors will illustrate the challenging areas of the track and provide individual feedback.  The instructor will emphasize correct racing lines, turn in, braking and acceleration points, and open passing.

Races: Putting it all together! A fun finish to a great day!

Race school typically starts at 9am and continues to 3pm.


17 thoughts on “Race School”

    1. Hi Tanya…

      Our “Intro to Karting” class costs $89.00 per student. We also have a series of more advanced classes for those looking to further develop their racing skills.

      Let us know if you’d like to book a class or need any more information!


      1. Will you be having a kids race camp this year? Would be an interesting idea for the summer. It says the course is for ages 8+ but then it states that rentals are restricted to ages 12+. I have 2 9 year old kids, does that mean I would have to provide my own kart?
        Thank you


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